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Essay Exam Grading Service – Three Exams

Level III Essay Exam Grading Service – Three Exams

Quick accurate responses and time management are skills that you need to pass the Level III exam. How do you know that all the endless hours of study will pay off and you will pass? Working through Mock Exams to analyze and correct your mistakes is an excellent way to find out.  Take the full Mock Exam in an as closely simulated environment to the actual exam as possible. After completing the Mock Exam, self-analyze and correct. But this process will take almost your entire day. It will slow you down as you increase your preparation intensity in the final weeks. Subscribe to the IFT Grading & Feedback Service. Instead of stressing over self-corrections for your constructed responses, and losing that precious time let an expert IFT instructor tell you what your mistakes are in the Essay Exam and how you can correct them.

Here are the features of the IFT Level III Essay Exam Grading & Feedback Service:

  • The service is based on any one of the IFT mock exams (available here) or the CFA 2021 mock exam..
  • Your answers are marked and you will receive feedback in areas where you are weak or your answer incorrect.
  • Subscribers also receive IFT Essay Exam Video Solutions.

Benefits of this Service

You can make several mistakes while responding to Essay Exam questions. Perhaps you do not answer directly, write too much or too little.  The grading service helps you recognize and correct your mistakes.  The feedback that you will receive will save time for you, complement your preparation, and will help boost your confidence for Essay Exam success.

Before you buy

  1. Check for the availability of our Level III exam grader via the calendar here and find out there are available submission slots.
  2. Select an available slot on the date you want to submit your solved paper to IFT, then quickly buy.
  3. Immediately tell IFT of your desired available grading slot by providing the date.

How to Use this Service

  1. If you do not already have them, purchase the IFT Mock exams or get the CFA 2021 mock exam.
  2. Choose a date when you want to submit and inform IFT
  3. Via your laptop download the Essay exam (morning exam) pdf file. Open it in a PDF editor (e.g. for help click here)
  4. When you are ready to take a full-length essay exam, do the following:
    1. Allocate 2:15 hours and take the exam.
    2. Using PDF editor, answer on the PDF  and send it to IFT. You will receive feedback within 4 calendar days (Sunday does not count as a calendar day).
    3. Check your performance, study the feedback, and read the guideline answers given.
    4. Learn from your mistakes, and review the corrections pointed out by the grader.
    5. Repeat this process with another exam.


Click here to see a sample graded paper.

Single exam grading service: If you feel that you want to try the service for only 1 exam, then click here



* Validity: 2021
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